KitKat break-through: Nestle reveals secret ingredient between wafers…and it’s amazing


KitKat filling secrets revealedGETTY

BREAK-ING: The filling between the wafer finger is more than just chocolate

Ever wondered after taking a bite into a KitKat finger why the filling between the wafer, while tasty, is not nearly as chocolatey as its delicious outside layer?

Like most customers, you’ve probably read the “vague” product description and uncovered that it is not just chocolate – but a “smooth and creamy chocolayer”.

You’ve also probably noticed the “chocolayer” is also not the same colour as the milk chocolate brown coating.

KitKats have been sold in Britain since the 1930sGETTY

POPULAR: KitKats have been sold in Britain since the 1930s

Well it turns out there is secret to the filling.

After the wafers are cut to size and the final layer of chocolate is drizzled on top – KitKats undergo a “quality” inspection before they are sent to store shelves.

Rejected KitKats – including those that aren’t shiny enough, have too many exterior air bubbles or off-centre wafers – rather than being wasted are sent back into the production line.

According to BBC’s Inside the Factory programme, the “chocolayer” is actually smashed up KitKats.

Crushed into a fine paste the filling is really just recycled KitKats – but that begs the question, what did the first KitKat contain?


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