Let's Give It Up for America's Favorite New Movie: Hidden Fences!


Have you heard? The 2017 Golden Globes has a runaway hit. 

Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars have gathered at the Beverly Hilton to find out which films will receive the honor of being considered the best in the business. Movies are celebrated for their screenplays, their actors, their scores, their overall grandeur and emotion. Leading up to tonight’s festivities, there were a couple of rumored front runners. Would it be La La Land, with its beauty and glamour and rollicking good time? Would it be Manchester by the Sea, as devastating as it is wonderful?

No, instead, a new movie stole the hearts and minds of everybody at the Golden Globe Awards: Hidden Fences

What is this movie, you say? It’s the movie that nobody can stop talking about. Not the journalists on the red carpet. Not Michael Keaton, when presenting the award for best supporting actress. And certainly not Twitter, who have been abuzz with this brand new flick. 

What’s it about, you ask? Well, you see a group of black women working at NASA in the 1960’s wake up and find out that they’re actually in a play. While deftly deciphering the most advance rocket science known to man, they also tried to learn baseball. Then Denzel Washington showed up and was really angry about the fact that America hadn’t been to space yet. But no worries! Viola Davis is there to deliver a monologue about the importance of hard work. 

It sounds fabulous, right? 

Or, does it sound like members of Hollywood are having trouble keeping track of the only two black-led movies at the Golden Globes? Like, to them, Hidden Figures and Fences are so one and the same that the brain accidentally combines them into one movie with one name? Like it’s a seemingly funny slip-up that is, in actuality, indicative of the entire diversity problem in the industry as a whole?

We’ll have to wait and see. 


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