WWE Diva Marie Kanellis reveals sexy locker room secrets of female wrestlers


The 34-year-old stunner did not hold back as she revealed the juicy details about her fellow Divas in an interview with the YouShoot channel on YouTube.

Taking questions from viewers, the Playboy model was asked who was the biggest b**** in the WWE.

Host Sean Oliver decided instead to get Kanellis to answer the question with the help of the “ho bag”.


STUNNER: Gorgeous Marie Kanellis dished the dirt on the other WWE Divas

The gorgeous redhead was given the names of other Divas and if they were “cool” she kept them but if they “belonged in the ho bag” she’d put them there.

And Kanellis was happy to ditch some big names into the bag as the video shows.

But one of the names stood out more than the others – Ivanka Trump.

Unsurprisingly, Kanellis is reluctant to put the daughter of President-elect Donald Trump in “the ho bag”, letting out a laugh and saying “oh yeah”.

Probably a good idea not to get on the bad side of the most powerful man in the world.

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