No, Meryl Streep’s Speech Isn’t How Trump Won, Shut Up


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A celebrity or media figure makes an eloquent, reasonable plea for Americans to treat other with decency, respect and not incite others to violence only to have President BabyFingers fly off the fucking handle on Twitter because he ran entirely on shitting on minorities and being a tough guy, macho strongman whose supporters will be the first to say they’re “tired of everyone being offended” despite being the most easily offended pack of rubes this country has ever seen. Just like their Dear Leader!

Well, that’s exactly what happened last night after Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech, which you can read in its brief entirety at that link. Except I’m not even going to get into the Tan Tyrant’s tiny-hand tantrum response because there are only so many hours in the day, and what I really want to get into is the bullshit Meghan McCain tried to pull.

Now, for the record, I’ve actually seen people on the Left sadly use this horseshit line of reasoning, and there’s really only one response for it:


First, fuck anyone who essentially says, “Go ahead, keep calling us racists and homophobes. Look where that got you.” As if America is a woman who dared to speak up, and Donald Trump is the smack across the face from her abuser who “didn’t ask for no lip.” I’ve seen that mentality too many times since the election, and it’s a sad threat from a dying demographic who can eat all of the dicks.

Because, secondly, and this can’t be repeated enough, Donald Trump lost the popular vote. Almost three million more Americans chose Hillary Clinton over his Nazi-themed populism. More importantly, they were predominantly younger voters who aren’t little racist assholes that believe a magic book tells them they can make LBGT citizens’ lives a living hell or that cops should be unfettered murder on wheels. So the numbers are against Meghan McCain or anyone else who wants to trot out the same shit-ass canard.

Which brings me to Billy Eichner who wasn’t having any of this shit and nailed Meghan when she tried to say he lives in a bubble:

Keep in mind, Billy Eichner is right. Meghan McCain’s dad is a decades-long Republican Senator – who Donald Trump once shit on for being captured in Vietnam, so this is all very strange – and her mom is an insanely rich beer heiress. And because of all that, Meghan McCain works for Fox fucking News, which by itself is the biggest goddamn bubble this country has ever seen. Jesus Christ, think of how many relatives we’ve already lost to it, and then how many uncles we’ll have to put down when Megyn Kelly isn’t there anymore. Their frightened eyes pleading as they writhe and kick in their Lazy Boys, “Who’s going to tell me Santa Claus can’t be black? WHO?!”

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