BREAKING: Thousands EVACUATED from Britain's poorest town as storm hell batters coast


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EVACUATED: Jaywick in Essex has been evacuated due to fears over flooding

Extreme storms set to hammer Britain’s coastline tomorrow have forced authorities to clear the seaside town of Jaywick in Essex.

Essex Police will be going door-to-door from 4pm today to advise residents leave their homes before the storm hits.

A full scale evacuation of the Benefits By The Sea town will be carried out tomorrow morning from 7am. 

The evacuation comes in response to severe weather warnings of torrential rain and hurricane-level winds from the Met Office and the Environment Agency.

It comes as the UK is gripped in Polar chaos as brutal snow storms blanketed large parts of the country. 

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CLEARED OUT: Police are telling residents to clear the village before the storm hits

Residents living on the coast have been warned the severe weather will bring high tides 

Chief Inspector Russ Cole, district commander at Tendring said: “Acting on all the professional guidance and experience of our colleagues at the Environment Agency and the Met Office, a partnership decision has been taken to evacuate the homes in Jaywick to ensure the safety of all residents.

“This decision has not been taken lightly and has been made in the best interests of all residents to ensure their safety until the severe weather passes.”


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