Kardashian West robbery: First suspect under formal investigation


French police say a first suspect has now been placed under formal investigation over the Kim Kardashian West robbery.

The suspect was named only as 63-year-old Yunice A.

The charges faced are armed robbery in an organised gang, kidnapping and criminal association. Nine other people remain in police custody.

Kardashian West was held at gunpoint and tied up by robbers while staying in Paris in October.

The TV reality star was targeted at an exclusive flat near Place de la Madeleine while her bodyguard looked after her sister at a nightclub.

The gang stole €9m (£8m; $9.5m) of jewellery, including a diamond ring valued at around €4m.

Three people were released without charge on Wednesday, including her chauffeur in Paris, Michael Madar.

Criminals ‘with experience’ – by Hugh Schofield in Paris

The two witnesses to the robbery – Kardashian West herself as well the night-watchman – apparently both told police that their aggressors were men “of a certain age”. CCTV footage on the street outside also provided crucial evidence.

“We would expect the people who carried out a job like this to be criminals with a certain degree of experience. They would need the connections to be able to dispose of the jewels once they had got their hands on them,” one police source told the BBC.

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Throughout the inquiry, police have been investigating whether the gang was tipped off that Kardashian West’s bodyguard was not at the hotel residence at the time of the robbery.

Although there has been no trace yet of Kardashian West’s missing jewellery, police did recover an estimated €300,000 during raids on Monday.

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