Obese student sheds 9st to become hot model with this one simple trick



TRANSFORMATION: Mathilde lost almost half her body weight to become a model

Mathilde Broberg grew to a whopping 19st after she gorged on dinners big enough for two people and consumed up to 3,500 calories a day.

Her BMI of 40.6 put her in the highest category of obesity – a healthy range is between 18.5 and 25.

The 21-year–old revealed she almost kicked off a ride at a theme park after the safety harness struggled to go around her large body.

Mathilde wearing lingerieCATERS

MODEL: Mathilde has over 32,000 fans on Instagram where she shares work out videos

“I feel like I’ve transformed into the real me”

Mathilde Broberg

But after losing almost half her body weight, the Danish beauty now weighs 10st 5 and models sportswear in catalogues and commercials.

Mathilde attributes her success only eating with a teaspoon.

Describing her strict diet, Mathilde said: “By eating with a teaspoon, it tricked my brain into thinking I was consuming way more than I really was, it worked well for me.

Mathilde works as a professional trainerINSTAGRAM

FIT: Mathilde now works as a model and professional trainer

“My portions are around the size of a flat-out hand. I made sure my portions were no bigger than that

“It stopped me piling-up a food mountain on my plate like before.

“My stomach must have been the size of a horse’s after all those years of overeating.

Mathilde in her gym work out gearINSTAGRAM

HAPPY: Mathilde says the transformation has allowed her to be ‘the real me’

Now working as a personal trainer, Mathilde has continued toning up her muscles after undergoing a massive tummy tuck to remove the excess, sagging skin.

The stunner has gained over 32,000 followers showing off her fit transformation and workout videos on Instagram.

She added: “Before the surgery, I felt trapped inside a body that wasn’t really mine.

“Now that my excess skin is gone I feel like I’ve transformed into the real me.”


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