Salim and Aysha back together?


Are Salim and Aysha back together?

IS SALIM Mehajer and his estranged wife Aysha back together?

On Friday, Ms Mehajer posted a cryptic post on Instagram, hinting they could be back on after splitting up around April last year.

She posted a photo of Mr Mehajer posing with headphones around his neck and wrote the caption “don’t judge my choices without understanding my reasons”.

Many have commented on the post congratulating the pair and supporting her decision.

“I’m genuinely happy for you sister and don’t even no (sic) you,” one fan wrote.

“Don’t listen to the haters everybody makes mistakes give him another chance.

“Bless your marriage.”

Aysha Mehajer’s cryptic Instagram post. Picture: Instagram

Aysha Mehajer’s cryptic Instagram post. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

Mr and Mrs Mehajer were catapulted into stardom after their lavish wedding in Sydney in August 2015.

She wore an extravagant wedding dress made from French lace and Swarovski pearls and diamonds.

Mr Mehajer, a property developer who at the time was the deputy mayor of Auburn Council, copped criticism for closing off a whole street for their celebration in Lidcombe, in western Sydney.

Mr Mehajer has not yet addressed suggestions the pair are back together.

Aysha and Salim during happy times.

Aysha and Salim during happy times.Source:YouTube

Mr and Mrs Mehajer’s fairytale romance had a nasty end.

NSW Police acted for Mrs Mehajer, who has been going by her maiden name Learmonth, and lodged an apprehended violence order (AVO) against her husband in July last year.

Mr Mehajer could not harass, assault, menace or stalk his wife and was prevented from going within 50 metres of her home and workplace.

For months after their marriage breakdown, Mr Mehajer kept posting pictures of his wife on social media, attempting to cover up the split and show he still loved her.

“Only death will do us apart,” he wrote in one post.

Around July it was reported Ms Mehajer moved out of the marital home and it was believed she may have moved interstate or back to Wollongong in NSW where she previously worked as a beauty therapist.

Aysha Mehajer after her transformation.

Aysha Mehajer after her transformation.Source:Facebook

Aysha Mehajer before she met Salim. Picture: Facebook

Aysha Mehajer before she met Salim. Picture: FacebookSource:Facebook

Before meeting Mr Mehajer, she went by the name “April” and had a completely different look.

She went from being a blonde with pale skin to a tanned, dark-haired beauty with chiselled features.

After Mrs Mehajer moved out, it was alleged Mr Mehajer tracked her down during the Anzac Day long weekend at her sister’s home in Wollongong and was allegedly “yelling” and “screaming” while knocking on the door.

The Daily Telegraph reported he was demanding keys to a Mercedes car Mrs Mehajer had been driving.


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