When Did Jeremy Renner & Amy Adams Become Will & Grace?


Before we get into this post, I just want to make it clear that I don’t support homophobia, and if you’ve read The Superficial for any length of time, then you know I’m not about that. However, I’m also really stupid. So if you’d like to tell me where to check my privilege, I genuinely welcome it because I’ll be the first person to say that nothing I write should be read by human eyes. You’ll never find a bigger ally in that fight than me.

On that note, here’s Jeremy Renner at Amy Adams’ star ceremony yesterday where they continued to be attached to the hip ever since Arrival hit theaters, which makes me wonder what the hell happened on that set? Because before Jeremy Renner was all, “Boobs! Sluts! Fuck a wage gap!” And now this is happening:

amy adams jeremy renner

There’s no way Amy Adams didn’t walk over to him on the first day, snatch him up by the collar, and say, “Listen, asshole. I’m a mother. I’m an Oscar-nominated actress who’s respected by her peers. Don’t talk about my tits or call me a slut, you fucking got it?” To which Jeremy Renner replied, “Gurl… I’ve been waiting for someone to say that my whole life. Paging ScarJo!” And it’s been nothing but turtlenecks and friendship ever since. I’m happy for him. I truly am.

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