Snow blizzards and floods smash UK for second day as troops deployed and village evacuated


UK weather warning snow and floosGOFF PHOTOS/PA/WEATHER WORLD

BALTIC BRITAIN: A cold snap bringing floods and snow has gripped Britain for the second day

Lives could be at risk up and down the country today due to deadly ice on the roads and a coastline storm surge.

Seventeen severe flood warnings have been put in place, mostly on the east coast of England, where 4,000 people from the village of Jaywick, in Essex, have been evacuated.

Meanwhile, Army troops have been deployed in Lincolnshire to reassure the public and help thousands of stricken homes caught up in the chaos.

Brits have been told to take “immediate action” on day two of a three day freeze set to last until Sunday.

UK weather warning snow and floodsXPOSURE

SNOW WAY: Hartlepool got a lashing of the white stuff this morning

UK weather warning snow and floodsREX FEATURES

BLIZZARDS: Snow in Kent caused chaos on the roads

The Met Office has issued 12 severe weather warnings of strong winds, snow and ice across the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

More snow blizzards are expected to lash the Scotland, northern England, the Midlands and possibly large parts of the south by lunchtime.

Sleet and snow will sweep across Scotland this morning as the rest of the UK wakes up to frost and ice.

weather map ukWEATHER OUTLOOK

MAPPED: Snow and strong winds are to batter large parts of England and Scotland

UK weather warning snow and floodsXPOSURE

OFF ROAD: Emergency services were scrambled after a lorry jacknifed in Scotland

UK weather warning snow and floodsSWNS

BURIED: Heavy snow hit Bristol during the first whiteout of winter

“We could see snow anywhere through the day while coastal gales could cause problems.”

Met Office

Forecasters have warned that Friday will be “bitterly cold”, with temperatures plummeting below minus. 

Met Office forecaster Emma Sharples said: “It is going to be a very cold start to Friday and there could be issues with ice especially as rain will fall before temperatures drop.

“We could see snow anywhere through the day while coastal gales could cause problems.

“Cold will last into the weekend before it turns slightly milder on Sunday and into Monday, but then we are expecting another dip as cold air heads back towards the UK, this time from the East.”


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