Lady Gaga Was a Magic Swan-Diving Mirror During the Super Bowl Halftime Show


Are you in shock? I’m in shock. Sure, there was a time when I was sad that Pregnant Beyoncé wasn’t going to make a surprise performance at the Super Bowl―BUT THEN I SAW LADY GAGA’S PERFORMANCE AND I HAVE NO FEELINGS. It was a DELIGHT. The delightiest. (Hi dad!) GAGA! You did good, girl. And you looked good doing it.

LG started the performance off in a silver leotard―pantsless, obviously―made of maybe pieces of mirror. I don’t know, but it was incredible. She wore that to repel down FROM THE CEILING―or whatever they call the roof of a football stadium―taking a dive like GD Michael Phelps and transition into full Cirque de Soleil.

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She also wore matching maybe-mirror-shard boots, because, duh.

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