8 Uses for Your Old Smartphone


8 Uses for Your Old Smartphone

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Do you have an old smartphone lying around? Turn it into something cool.

Smartphones! Everybody loves ’em. In fact, they’re an absolute necessity in today’s information age. We don’t do anything or go anywhere without our little magic pocket slabs. But here’s the super weird thing about smartphones: They all seem to last around two years before they need to be retired.

Two years just happens to the amount of time that most contracts or payment plans last. Strange how that seems to work out, right? I attribute no foul actions, nor endorse any conspiracies, BUT if you are ever in the mood to be inundated with a bout of raw unfiltered anger, try doing a Twitter search for “planned obsolescence.”

After a few years, all devices—particularly those that we carry with us at all times—are bound to show a little wear and tear. They might have a few bumps and scratches or perhaps they slow down to molasses speeds. Most physical trauma can be avoided if you have the very wise foresight to purchase a case and screen guard; and the slowness is usually a software issue that can be fixed with a nice clean factory restart.

The takeaway is this: If you take basic precautions, your old phone can have a productive afterlife. While the specs might no longer be bleeding edge, your old phone can still be super useful if you have Wi-Fi access.

Here we present eight cool ways to repurpose your old smartphone. Have you done anything cool with your old phone? Drop your idea in the comments.


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