The Beckhams Are Currently Living Their Best Life in the Slopes and Want You All to Know About It


Except maybe Brooklyn, who broke his collarbone.

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The Beckhams are proving that they do family vacations better than most families, which just continues their lifelong trend of being the best at things. The whole fam is on vacation together at the Whistler slopes in Canada, People reports.

In a pre-Instagram world, we might have been left to merely imagine their marvelous skiing and snowboarding vacation—but this is not a pre-Instagram world, so we can see the enviable trip with our own eyes.

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Honestly, the whole trip looks like it belongs in a catalogue.

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💜 x kisses VB

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Cool dude ⛷

A post shared by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on

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Victoria and Harper, 5, even sported matching outfits.

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But not everyone had the best time. David and Victoria’s oldest son, Brooklyn, 17, broke his collarbone in a snowboarding accident.

BRB, creating a “dream ski vacation” Pinterest board now and populating it with all of these pictures.

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