Mattel Launches Diverse Ken Dolls


Most recent on the list of terrible trends that seem like they’ll never die: the man bun. This week, Mattel launched a diversified line of Ken dolls to complement the various Barbies the brand released last year. But did we have to drag the man bun into this?


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Listen, we’re all for this all-encompassing set of toys. This new collection includes three body types (broad, slim, and original), seven skin tones, and nine hairstyles. The range of dolls is a great way for kids to be exposed to a variety of bodies and skin tones, hopefully instilling a more inclusive attitude early on. It’s great for cultural inclusiveness, sure. But it’s not great for style advice.

Take Top Knot Ken here for a second. First of all, he’s perpetuating a trend that we tried to bury last year. (And not without reason—a too-tight bun can make your hair fall out.) And the dude is wearing jorts. Jorts! And a top knot! C’mon, Ken. You look like you forget to change from your siiiiick weekend at Coachella. Let your hair down a little—I’m sure there’s some great flow hiding under that severe knot that’s pulling your hair from its roots. You could even try a non-offensive low bun to keep your hair out of your face. It has all the draws of a top knot without annoying everyone around you.

So, no, just because Ken has a top knot does not mean that it is now OK for you to have a top knot. (Remember what we said about wearing things because other people wear them?) We can embrace diversity without ever embracing the man bun.


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